Envying the Competition Should Fuel Your Competitive Fire

You’ve heard all your life that envy is bad and that you’re a bad person if you envy another person for what they have. But envy can be a good thing if you see it as a motivational tool to be used for your own benefit.

So many entrepreneurs simply give up when they see what the competition is doing and how successful they are. If there’s already someone doing what you want to do and they’re highly successful at it – what’s the point?

Just because there’s already someone teaching a target audience doesn’t mean there’s no room for you. In fact, if you think about it, you probably enjoy learning from multiple individuals yourself.

That’s because each person has a unique style and point of view. Even an entrepreneur’s personality can attract or deter an audience. Some leaders are funny, some sarcastic, and some are nurturing.

You might find someone teaching in the niche you want to be in who teaches broad topics, but you have the ability to drill down and teach the issues more thoroughly, with step-by-step detail – which makes your offer more inviting to some people ready to spend their hard-earned money.

You might consider dominating over your competition by consistently over-delivering to your audience. Many entrepreneurs approach their work from a very greedy perspective, not realizing that those who show up to serve their audience will see more money as a result.

Try various formats that your competition may not be using – such as video, rather than text or audio that caters to an on-the-go audience. This can be beneficial in your free viral communications as well as your paid products.

Give examples of the issues you’re discussing. Examples are great teaching tools because they help your audience visualize how your solutions can help them with their problems, and it’s something few people do when trying to convert content into sales.

Lack of knowledge is one reason entrepreneurs fail. You may envy those who are already successful and appear to have done it with ease rather than spending an abundance of time and effort.

The truth is that successful entrepreneurs didn’t become successful overnight – they spent time educating themselves about their niche audience, the tools they need to succeed, and selling strategies that helped them learn how to earn their readers’ trust.

Customers should always be the focal point of your quest for success. And just because someone else is already doing it doesn’t mean that you can’t be better at it and create a new spin that will propel you ahead of the competition.

Envy is such a strong power that you can use to spur you on to greater things – or, allow it to be a catastrophic problem in your life that holds you back and allows other people to see their dreams come to fruition instead.

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